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The initial stages of the process to elect executives of the National Service Personnel Association [NASPA] in the Cape Coast Metropolis yesterday was met with some confusion from members of the association who threatened to boycott the process.

ATL FM news gathers the move by the service personnel was in protest of the group insurance package by the National Service Scheme (NSS), in collaboration with the National Service Personnel Association (NASPA).

The Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, University of Cape Coast [UCC] has pledged to support residents of communities along the beach within the Cape Coast Metropolis to sanitize their environment.

According to a senior lecturer of the department, Mr. Joseph Sefah Debrah, who disclosed this on ATL FM’s 'Agyanom Aferfo' on Tuesday, the department is committed to assist the fisher folks at “Abrofo Mpoano” in the Cape Coast Metropolis to deal with sanitation problems confronting them.

A former Pro Vice Chancellor of University of Cape Coast [UCC], Professor Kobina Yankson has described as worrying the disconnection between established Technical Universities and existing senior high schools.

According to him, majority of the senior high schools in the country are, in his words, “Grammar schools” with a few technical and vocational components. This situation he notes defeats the purpose for which technical universities exist.

He told ATL FM News, “In the 21st century all economies are dependent on science and technology for development and so when we converted our polytechnics into Technical universities, we thought the idea was to increase the critical mass of technologist and that was a great idea but the disconnect was that we did not prepare the secondary level to feed the technical universities”.

The Director of the Counselling Centre of the University of Cape Coast [UCC], Prof. Godwin Awabil has called on teachers to instill in their students study skills to improve their academic performances.

He noted that one of the missing links in Ghana’s educational system is the absence of study skills which many teachers have failed to teach their students.

“We present our lessons to students and ask them to learn without the specific techniques that they would use in learning so that they can improve upon their academic performance,” he observed.