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#NSMQ: Prempeh College lethally injects St. Francis Xavier and Saviour SHS

Prempeh College

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The champion of last year of the National Science and Maths Quiz Prempeh College move to the quarterfinals as they set to defend their title. With diligent, intuitive and quick-witted Prempeh College took the lead right from the top to bottom.
The points margin between them and the losers were 33 and 44 points. At the End of the competition they scored 62 points.

Today is St. Francis Xavier worse nightmare as the winners lethal injects them. They lucked precision and lost focus of themselves which led to their defeat. They scored 29 points

Saviour SHS with a minor point couldn’t define themselves or make their presence known in the competition died from the onset of the competition. They scored 18 points

End of contest:

Prempeh College: 62pts
St. Francis Xavier: 29pts
Saviour SHS: 18pts

End of round 4:

Prempeh College: 59pts
St. Francis Xavier: 26pts
Saviour SHS: 12 pts

Problem of the Day:

Prempeh College: 10pts
St. Francis Xavier: 10pts
Saviour SHS: 01pt

End of round 2:

Prempeh College: 36
St. Francis Xavier: 09pts
Saviour SHS: 01pt

End of round 1:

Prempeh College: 23pts
St. Francis Xavier: 09pts
Saviour SHS: 03pts