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#2018NSMQ: Konongo-Odumase SHS records highest scores at NSMQ2018 Prelims

students from Konongo-Odumase SHS

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Konongo-Odumase SHS put up a sterling performance to win their preliminary contest with the highest scores so far in the 2018 National Science & Maths Quiz and Science.
They recorded an impressive 61 points to send Nkonya SHS and Yendi SHS packing out of the competition. The two losing schools only managed to pull 19 and 18 points respectively.

The Ashanti Region-based Konongo-Odumase SHS dominated the entire competition. They were able to answer almost all the major questions in the first round and capitalized on the inability of Nkonya SHS and Yendi SHS to provide the right responses to their questions.

They maintained their composure as the contest progressed with the two losing schools throwing in the towel at an early stage of the competition.

They will be joined by Edinaman SHS in the one-eighth stage of the 2018 National Science & Maths Quiz who beat E.P.C Mawuko Girls’ SHS and Kinbu SHTS in a separate contest earlier in the day.

Already, 14 schools have booked their places at the next stage NSMQ2018. In all, 36 winners of the preliminary contests and 18 highest-scoring losing schools will also sail through to the next stage of the competition.


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