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NMSQ 2018: Heartbreak for Krobo Girls as 1pt difference sees 91-yr-old sch face early exit

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A tenterhook encounter at the preliminary stage of the 2018 National Science and Maths Quiz ended in heartbreaking defeat for Krobo Girls' SHS and a heart-aching victory for Fijai SHS with one-point the deciding difference.

It had been a nail-biting contest right from the start with the two schools edging themselves over by a point in three of the five rounds. The Eastern Region-based girls' school fought Western Region-based Fijai to win the second round by 1pt but Fijai SHS fought hard to restore another one point lead in the third round.

They sweated hard to snuff out the kicking-and-punching performance from Krobo Girls who were simply not ready to give up until their last bead of sweat.

UGBS: End of contest 5:

Fijai SHS: 34 pts

Krobo Girls SHS: 33 pts

Fiaseman SHS: 17 pts

UGBS: End of round 4:

Fijai SHS: 28 pts

Krobo Girls SHS: 27 pts

 Fiaseman SHS: 17 pts


UGBS: End of round 3:

Fijai SHS: 08 pts

Krobo Girls SHS: 07 pts

Fiaseman SHS: 05 pts


UGBS: End of round 2:

Krobo Girls SHS: 13 pts

Fiaseman SHS: 11pts

Fijiai SHS: 07 pts


UGBS: End of round 1:

Fijai SHS: 11 pts

Krobo Girls' SHS: 09 pts

Fiaseman SHS: 08 pts

Krobo Girls will now hope their 33pts would be enough to be among the 18 high-scoring losing schools who will get a second chance at the competition when they join 36 winning schools at the one-eigth stage.


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