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“Draw clear lines between politics and national issues” – UCC PRO VC

Pro Vice Chancellor of UCC Professor George K.T Oduro

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The Pro Vice Chancellor of the University of Cape Coast Professor George K.T Oduro has made a call to all stake holders and decision making bodies of education in Ghana to clearly distinguish between governance and politics in their operations.

According to Professor Oduro, it is very worrying that Ghanaians find it challenging to draw the lines between political issues and national issues in the execution of their duties causing a negative effect on policies and their implementation in the country.

Speaking at a colloquium held by the Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (IEPA) The Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (IEPA) at the University of Cape Coast on Wednesday on the theme, “21st Century Skills for Educational Administration”, Prof. Oduro stressed the need for stake holders to put away political differences and focus on identifying appropriate methods in implementing policies. He said this is very important in ensuring authorities implement efficient policies which can help improve the various sectors particularly, education.

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“Let us move from politics to governance. Before elections, let us do all the politics and as soon as elections are over let initiatives become national. Let us identify appropriate groupings and get them to help them implement policies. I think, if we can start that, things will be easier for us.”

Professor Oduro indicated the free senior high school policy by the current government is laudable aside some setbacks in its implementation. He urged policy makers and individuals to look beyond politics and welcome suggestions from people notably stakeholders of education.

“I have always said that the free SHS is a good policy but we didn’t have time to critically look at its implementation. I remember I made a proposal just before its inception that we sensitize people and strategically plan. However, it became an issue”.

By: ATL FM News