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UCC: SRC President Elect Eager To Lessen Financial Burden On Students

President elect John Kpodo (left) and Vice elect Yvonne Ashong (right)

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The Students' Representative Council (SRC) President elect of University of Cape Coast (UCC) has emphasized that students will have to decide on whether or not they will continue with the new shuttle system after the pilot exercise.

The idea touted ‘free busing system’ prior to its initiation, has now been enjoyed for close to two semesters without a clear funding mechanism that will ensure its sustenance.

In previous interviews, the incumbent President of the SRC, Tony Henry Arthur, had indicated that the SRC bears the cost of the piloting of the free busing system but added that the sustenance of the project is to eventually levy students for the cost. But the levy even as it is implemented is saddled with concerns particularly from students of the diaspora who virtually do not enjoy the services of the buses.


President elect John Kpodo and Vice elect Yvonne Ashong

The SRC President Elect, John Kpodo campaigned on a promise not to introduce any projects that will add costs to what he described as the burden of fees students are enduring.

In an interview with Theophilus Sosi on a Week on Campus on ATL FM the SRC President Elect stated that his first move after he is sworn in is to consult on the free busing system.

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“The students are already complaining about the fees so if an SRC president should come and is project conscious, the fees will go higher. We even have some loans we have not paid yet so it is best to focus on paying those loans before we go onto new things. But any project at all which may not take so much money from the coffers of the SRC and not put financial burden on the students may be considered.

My problem is putting financial burden on the students, so if the project will not do that, why not? I have been reliably informed that the SRC funded the free busing system last semester and this semester, management is helping in the funding. However, students will pay later. But immediately I get sworn in, I need to get more clarification from the current SRC president and management.”

The SRC President Elect John Kpodo maintains his objection to any capital-intensive project but concedes that the decision to continue with the busing project will depend on the preference by majority of the students.

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“Personally, I think there are lots of challenges that we have to deal with. We have about twenty-eight to thirty thousand students, how many of them can get on the bus at a time? Those at the diaspora, how many of them get on board? Those at the halls, are the buses readily available for them? These are some of the things we look out to resolving.

Everything is about the majority, because, if someone is at the diaspora and the person does not get the opportunity to board the bus but at the end of the day, the person pays the same amount payed by others, then it is not fair to them. Also the education students going for the off-campus program for a whole semester have to find their own means of transport to the various schools where they will be teaching but they also have to pay the same amount. The congestion is also another issue, so we really need to sit down and dialogue with management.”

Source: ATL FM News

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