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Free SHS Will Collapse Secondary School Performance

Senior High School Students

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As the debate on the viability of the Free Senior High School Education policy by the NPP led Akufo-Addo government rages on, educationists have expressed worry over the possible compromise of quality for quantity if due diligence is not done.

In the most recent past, the Pro Vice Chancellor of University of Cape Coast, Prof. G. K. Oduro, an educationist himself, had expressed grave concern on the policy and its sustainability without compromising quality.

Latest to waddle into the debate is a PHD candidate in economics education at Georgia state University in United states of America, Eddy Asiedu who has described Nana Akufo-Addo’s Free Senior High School Policy as premature and vague.

Though he does not believe it is a political gimmick, he says a critical look into the policy before it is implemented will save the country a lot of trouble.

He said, Ghana at her present stage does not have all the resources to comfortably offer free senior high school education to students. According to him, it is presumptuous for Ghanaians to think that the free senior high school policy can be achieved by mere pronouncement.

He indicated that for the initiative to thrive it will take a lot of effort which include funding to ensure sustainability of the policy which the government has not been able to make clear to Ghanaians.

Mr. Eddy Asiedu made the statement in an exclusive interview with ATL FM.

He said the poor performance of government basic schools in the country is clear evidence of what is to happen if Ghana’s secondary school system is made free.

He believes it is important for government to identify those who really need assistance and support them than spreading the free policy across for all including those who can afford.

Source: Kojo Dei / ATL FM NEWS