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UCC Lecturer Calls For Intense Sensitization On Glaucoma

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A lecturer at the Department of Optometry and Vision Science of University of Cape Coast [UCC], Dr Samuel Bert Kusi has emphasized the need for awareness creation and the testing for Glaucoma since “the disease is a silent thief of sight”.

According to him, it has become one of the most dreaded eye conditions in the world because its symptoms are not easily detected. Dr Samuel Bert Kusi was speaking in an interview with ATL FM News with regard to this year’s World Glaucoma Week Celebration.

This year’s World Glaucoma Celebration is a joint initiative between the World Glaucoma Association and the World Glaucoma Patient Association. The celebration is under the theme, “Green=Go Get Your Eyes Tested for Glaucoma: Save Your Sight.

Dr Samuel Bert Kusi explained, the end result of Glaucoma is blindness and because symptoms of the condition cannot be easily detected, it is important to run regular checks on the eye.

Outlining some of the causes of Glaucoma, he said, “It has been known to be common among the black race. People who have got high IOP are normally predisposed to Glaucoma but some people with other cardiovascular diseases like hypertension and other systemic diseases like diabetes. Unfortunately Glaucoma is a silent thief of sight where normally there is no pain or sign until the last day.”


Photo : Rochester Eye Care

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He admitted that awareness creation is an essential move in combatting this disease and advised the media and health care professionals to educate the public on the essence of regular eye tests.

“If people are being affected through genetics and other diseases, we cannot leave the awareness creation only to the eye care professionals. The professionals themselves do not really have the time to educate people because of the long queues. Therefore using the media to educate, for me, is key and the only way to detect is to get tested”.

Source: ATL FM News

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