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Ghanaians Urged To Encourage Study Of French Among Children

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A Junior Assistant Registrar at the Regional Centre for International Education at the University of Cape Coast [UCC], Alfred Ghartey has reiterated the need for Ghanaians to encourage the study of French language, especially among children.

He says, enveloped by French speaking countries, Ghanaians have to take the study of the French language seriously, not only as a means of communication but also as an avenue for future employment.

Mr Ghartey was speaking at a reception organised by the University Primary School to welcome students of COURS LUMIERE from Lome, Togo as part of a language emersion programme between the two schools.

In an interaction with ATL FM NEWS, Mr Ghartey said, the programme was tailored to help both Ghanaian and Togolese children build a strong relationship.

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“The purpose of this programme is to make our children from both side bilingual where they will be able to express themselves in French when they travel across the borders. we know as Ghanaians we are surrounded by French speaking countries and it is very important for us to at least express ourselves in the basic French so that we can benefit from that when we go outside.

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This programme came about as a result of an outreach programme we embarked on in Togo last year , we were fortunate to chance on a school called COURS LUMIERE who expressed interest in the exchange programme and out of that we received the first batch of students from cours lumiere last October”.

He advised foster parents who are hosting these children to take them as their own adding that the opportunity will afford their children the rare opportunity to learn basic French.

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Some pupils of the two schools told ATL FM NEWS they were excited about the programme and looked forward to more of such collaborations.

The headmistress of University Primary School, Mrs. Georgina Agblobitse encouraged the visitors to feel at home and also thanked the host parents for accepting this responsibility.

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Source : ATL FM NEWS

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