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Africa Could Be Dragged Into A 3rd World War – UCC Professor

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An Emeritus Professor at the Department of History of the University of Cape Coast [UCC], Professor D.E.K. Amenumey has hinted that if care is not taken Africa could be dragged to a third world war by the world super powers.

Professor Amenumey delivering a keynote address at an International Conference organized by the Department of History at the University of Cape Coast on the theme: 'Revisiting Africa And The Second World War', said likewise the world war one and two which Africa had no concern in the cause of both; but only participated due to allies with colonial masters which nearly masqueraded the African history, present day conflicts between US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un of North Korea, could influence another world war with African participation since most African countries are still allied to these world super powers.

He said “If we are not careful, we will be dragged into another world war soon. To remind all of us, the two individuals of the world now, Donald Trump of the U.S.A and Kim Jong Un of North Korea who if allowed to have their way, could plunge us into a third world war. The basic fact that confronts us is that, in each case what started as conflict or war between the European countries and later the allies came to involve and impact Africa or part of the continent at various times.”

He added that the first and second world war had some great impacts on Africa which resulted in the need for African emancipation.

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Prof Amenumey said in this age of competitive bolsters between the US and North America and with most African states having sovereign governance, leaders should not be dragged into any disparities by these super powers.



Africa's participation in the World War II          Photo : Cambridge University Press

According to him, “Historians should not leave such an important issue to be resolved or be decided by politicians such as Donald Trump of USA and Kim Jong-Un of North Korea. If we are able to blossom, then there will be no dictating the fact that we do well from history.”

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The eminent Professor therefore called on historians to take the mandate of resolving this issue to prevent the possibility of a third world war.

Source: ATL FM News / Kojo Dei

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