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Government’s Intervention Needed To Support Komenda Sugar Factory Research Findings - Researchers

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A group of researchers at the University of Cape Coast say efforts to get government’s attention to the findings of a research on the Komenda sugar factory to inform decisions on ways to run the factory to achieve it potentials have proven futile.

The Komenda Sugar factory hit the spotlight early January 2018, after a group of researchers at the University of Cape Coast presented their findings which revealed a shortfall of sugar cane needed to put the factory into full operations.

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According to the Principal investigator, Dr. Oscar Yawson, before the research was conducted and its aftermath, the ministry of trade and industry has failed to respond to the findings though numerous efforts have been made to gain the ministry’s attention.


Komenda sugar factory

Dr. Yawson disclosed this in an exclusive interview with ATL FM News. Considering the important economic prospects of the factory, Dr Yawson said it will be necessary for the government to give swift response to the findings to enhance the factory’s productivity.

 “Right from the beginning before this award was granted, we invited the ministry of trade to a forum to announce the coming alive of this project. During the project we also visited the parliamentary select committee in parliament. We also wanted to tell them about what we were doing, unfortunately, we did not get that opportunity.” Dr Oscar revealed. He further said “when we were doing this stakeholders forum too, we invited them but they could not make it.”

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Dr. Yawson however noted that, the research team will press on government to give the needed attention to their findings.

 “We are going to submit a policy brief that advises policy stakeholders about the research findings and what can be done. This will be distributed to relevant stakeholders, government agencies, NGO’s and others”. He added. He said the team is “going to circulate the policy brief which is a compact information of the entire research findings and our recommendations to these policy makers”

In his views, the factory, if given the needed inputs will have a diverse economic benefit for the country.

 “To generate action for the factory, I think we are focusing provincially on the sugar that is going to be produced. The sugar is just one product that will come out of the factory. There are many other things that can be done from the raw materials and it’s important that we expand our view on what can be generated from the factory. That can help us to take decisions very quickly”. Dr. Yawson noted.

Source: Kojo Dei / ATL FM NEWS

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