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Trump’s Immigration Policy; A Wake Up Call For African Leaders - Dr Agblorti

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US President Donald Trump has come under severe criticism and received backlash from both his country and the international community following his hate comment that sought to denigrate Africa, Haiti and El Salvador. Though President Trump denies making any racial comments, scores of individuals including Republicans and the African Union have called on him to retract the comment and apologize.

President Trump is said to have made the comments at a meeting with American lawmakers on the new US immigration policy.

President Trump announced later last year plans by his government to stiffen immigration laws and ensure a selected few have access to the U.S.A.

Though some say the move will mare America’s diplomatic relations with the international community, others believe the law will affect the economic prospect of the United States.


US President Donald Trump

Reacting to President Trump’s immigration policies, Dr. Samuel Agblorti, a senior Lecturer with the Population and Health department of the University of Cape Coast [UCC], has justified President Trump’s immigration policy saying it is a constitutional right for every country to decide who can have access into the country.

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This he says gives President Trump the free will to decide who can and cannot enter the USA. Condemning his hate comments, Dr. Agblorti says President Trumps comment is a call to African countries to sit up and better themselves in order to prove that Africa can survive without the US.

“There are two major policies in migration; policy towards force migration and policy towards voluntary migration. Countries are very restrictive when it comes to voluntary migration. Every country has the right to determine the kind of people they want in their country. Trump is sending a signal that they don’t need you. The whole world may be against him but that is what he said. We can advise ourselves because we have the people who can make changes in Ghana but the fact that the people are these are the challenges. Let’s be content with what we have. That does not mean we can’t improve on it. It is possible we can improve on it.”

Source: ATL FM News