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UCC Rusticated 22 Vindicated

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The Cape Coast high court presided over by Justice William Boampong has quashed the rustication of some 22 students by the University of Cape Coast. According to the Judge, the University did not provide enough evidence to authenticate their actions thereby rendering their decision to rusticate the students null and void.

According to the trial judge, the punishment meted to the students breached natural law and was fraught with ill will and bias.

Justice Boampong said the disciplinary committee did not give the plaintiffs the right to challenge the final report of the said committee. In his judgment, he noted that the counsel for the defendant failed to provide copies of the transcripts of the final report of the disciplinary committee to the law court.

This refusal to provide those documents according to Justice Boampong meant that the committees decision was based on speculations rather than on facts.  

Justice Boampong said, the disciplinary committee did not allow the rusticated students fair hearing adding that the committee lacked the legal competence to use rigid procedures of a law court to punish the students.

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He has therefore ordered the university to pay 10,000 cedis to each of the rusticated students as compensation.

Counsel for the plaintiffs, Patrick Justice Kojo Aning in an interview with ATL FM NEWS said he was humbled by the courts decision and said they are likely to go back to the court to seek that a special congregation be organized for students who were supposed to be presented for graduation but could not because of the rustication.

court case 1

Counsel for the plaintiffs Patrick Justice Kojo Aning after the court case proceedings 

Some of the rusticated student could not hold back their tears as the Judge pronounced his judgement. Affiliates both past and present of Atlantic hall thronged to the court premises in their numbers to hail their vindicated colleagues.


Students in a jubilant mood after the court's ruling


Jubilant students carrying the lawyer when he came to the hall


UCC Rusticates 22 Students

22 students of the University of Cape Coast [UCC] were rusticated following their involvement in a clash between some students of University of Ghana, Legon, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology [KNUST] and UCC in March this year.

According to information gathered by ATL FM News from the office of the Directorate of Public Affairs, University of Cape Coast, the 22 were made up of all JCRC executives of Atlantic Hall and members of the Planning Committee of their 55th Hall Week celebration.

All were rusticated for two semesters except the President of the Hall at the time of the incidence - Enoch Bart-Plange, who was to serve four [4] semesters.

The students were made up of one level 100, three level 200, nine level 300 and nine level 400 students.

The 55th ATL Hall week celebration came to halt after a bloody attack on Oguaa hall by a group of students from ATL Hall with students from Commonwealth Hall of University of Ghana and Unity Hall of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology late March this year. The clash led to 3 students getting injured of whom one has been paralyzed.

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The clash according to an eyewitness started after some group of students from the Unity and Commonwealth Halls of UG and KNUST who had been invited by ATL hall to participate in their hall week had decided to embark on a procession through the forecourt of Oguaa Hall.

When residents of Oguaa Hall tried restricting the procession, the students from Unity Hall began pelting them with stones.

The situation worsened when the Oguaa hallers retaliated.

Two Coaster buses and two private cars that were parked at the scene of the clash were vandalized with glass doors and windows in Oguaa Hall destroyed.

Police had to fire tear gas to calm the situation.

Source: Kojo Dei/ATL FM News

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