Rustication of Two Atlantic Hallers Not Due of Recent Clash – UCC Dean Of Students

Campus News
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The Dean of Students' Affairs of the University of Cape Coast [UCC] Prof. Koawo Edjah, has revealed that recent media reports on the rustication of two students of the university is non-related to the recent violent clash on campus.

He stated that the rustication has just received media attention due to the recent happenings on campus.

“This current rustication is in no way related to the current clash. This is backdated to last semester after investigations were concluded and the students found guilty. It appears that these students have been handed letters that they shouldn’t even be on campus. This particular letter was just publicized and now receiving media attention”, he explained.

The letter of rustication

Prof. Edjah explained that the students were rusticated due to inappropriate behavior they exhibited some time ago.

“The rustication should not be linked to the guy whose hand was nearly amputated. These two gentlemen who were rusticated heckled an Atlantic Haller who visited Adehye Hall; they highlighted the guy in the open and maltreated him. It is out of this current event that, the two gentlemen were rusticated”, he added.

Source: Rachel Hormeku / ATLFMONLINE