Major Student Activities For Hall Weeks Banned Due To Illicit Student Behavior – UCC Dean Of Students

Dean of Students' Affairs of UCC - Prof. Koawo Edjah

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The Dean of Students' Affairs of the University of Cape Coast [UCC] Prof. Koawo Edjah, has revealed that the cancellation of some students’ hall celebration activities like beauty pageants, town floats and health walks was due to the negative effect these activities have had on the image of the University.

He explained that most of these activities presented the opportunity for some students to engage in illicit behaviors that are against the rules and regulations of the University.

“Health walks, beauty pageants and town floats were banned years ago for celebrations of Halls of Residence on campus. Adehye Hall embarks on a health walk and they are attacked; ATL embarks on a health walk and they are attacked. What kind of behavior is this? What kind of students are we breeding here? Students have a negative mindset on these activities”, he added.

Over the weekend, some students of the Common Wealth Hall of the University of Ghana clashed with the students of the Oguaa Hall of the University of Cape Coast which led to the destruction of hall and private property; leaving one student injured who is currently receiving treatment at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in Kumasi.

Speaking on the Atlantic Wave this morning on violent clash amongst students over the weekend, Prof. Edjah expressed disappointment at the behavior of the students.

He stated that students who are found guilty after investigations will face full punishment under the University’s law. He also lamented the posture of some students due to the students’ non-cooperation to assist the swift investigations.

Prof. Edjah stated that some students who had relevant information on the clash chose to protect the culprits by not naming them. He was however confident that the student perpetrators will be found and dealt with.

“If you want to track the perpetrators of these acts, the students themselves protect these miscreants and not help in investigations. I am however confident that students who engaged in these activities will be smoked out”, he explained.

Source: Rachel Hormeku / ATLFMONLINE