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Depletion Of Some Marine Organisms Causing Climate Change – Prof. Fynn

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A professor at the Department of Fisheries of University of Cape Coast, Professor Aggrey Fynn has divulged that “there is a research indication pointing to a depletion of some marine organisms including some fish categories as a result of climate change.

Professor Aggrey Fynn made this revelation on ATL FM’s “Agyanom Afarfo” programme on Tuesday.

He explained that climate change which is the end result of global warming due to human activities emitting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is also resulting in sea-level rise occasioning numerous experienced tidal waves and eroding of some coastal communities in the country.

He said records show that in recent years, the carbon dioxide ingested into the atmosphere is keeping the heat that is trapped on this earth, still within the earth.

“The heat is supposed to be emitted outside the earth and this is what is causing the temperatures to increase not only in waters but also on land”, he noted.


Carbon cycle         Photo: (NASA Earth Observatory)


He added that bad fishing practices are also contributing immensely to the diminution of some of the marine organisms in addition to the climate change effect and urged all to play their individual roles to reduce the climate change effect by “stopping indulging in any activities that go to increase the green- house effect’.


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