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Developers Within Road Reservation Defy CCMA Demolition Deadline

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Developers along the beaches in Cape Coast who have been identified by the CCMA as having flouted road reservation demarcations have defied the Assembly’s deadline of September 4 to demolish their structures.

City authorities as well as sections of the general public have expressed environmental and safety concerns with the springing up of unauthorized structures at the seafront.

The CCMA has explained that apart from the possibility of the activities of these developers speeding up coastal erosion, their structures also lie within the reservation of the Cape Coast Takoradi Highway.

Some of the developers insist they lawfully acquired the portions they operate and have satisfied all the requirements to do business there. A one month grace period given by the CCMA for them to demolish their structures has elapsed.

ATL FM News followed up with the Cape Coast Metro Engineer Mr. Kuranchi Taylor to find out what is next after the expiration of the deadline. He said the assembly would take the operators unware.

“We are working on it seriously. Where we have reached, we don’t want to give any date to any person but we will strike unaware. We gave them thirty days which expired about two days ago on the fourth of September, so the remaining is for our service to take action. We are organizing ourselves to come, we will not announce to anybody but before you realize, the action will be on”.



Development along the beaches in Cape Coast

Mr. Taylor said the Assembly will implement its enforcement order adding when the developers fail to demolish the structures, the Assembly is mandated to do it and in turn charge them for the cost.

Source: Christian Baidoo / ATL FM News