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UNDOC Report On Ghana Erroneous – C/R NACOB Commander

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The Acting Central Regional Commander for the Narcotics Control Board [NACOB], Riis Kofi Oduro has rubbished a United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime report that puts Ghana as the third [3rd] Transit destination for cocaine in Africa.

Ghana has been ranked the third [3rd] cocaine transit destination in Africa behind Nigeria and South Africa respectively.

According to the 2016 World Drug Report by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), the illegal shipment of cocaine comes from South America en route to Europe and Brazil.

The report again named Ghana as among the top four countries in Africa reported as the source of cannabis herb to Europe.

Speaking on the ATLANTIC WAVE on Wednesday, Mr. Oduro noted however that though Ghana plays a role in drug transiting in Africa, the report by the UNODC, to him, is unfounded since NACOB through its activities has not observed such a revelation.

He said his outfit has not been notified of any research targeting Ghana’s role in drug transiting in Africa.

Mr. Oduro however noted that once Ghana plays a part in drug transiting, it is obvious its image on the international scene would be negative and called for pragmatic measures to correct the situation.

“No survey or research has been done by NACOB on this issue over the past years .There are more countries involved in this issue than Ghana and once Ghana becomes a transit point with regards to this issue it will tarnish our international image”, he said.

He said despite NACOB’s desire to fight narcotics in the country several challenges affect the office in achieving this target.

“Inadequate resources and logistics is a major problem NACOB is facing when it comes to issues like these which make it difficult to perform our duties. Another challenge is that relatives and residents shield drug dealers when police and authorities get hold of them and this hinders their efforts”, he added.

Source: Kojo Dei / ATL FM NEWS

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