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“Ghana Time” Culture Causing Slow Pace of Development- Dr. Nii Moi Thompson

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The Former Director General of the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC), Dr. Nii Moi Thompson is blaming the slow pace of development currently being witnessed in the country on the disregard for time by many Ghanaians.

With what he describes as the “Ghana Time” Culture, Dr. Thompson says the disrespect for time raises concerns about the country’s seriousness to develop.

Speaking at a round table which was a post analysis of the 2019 budget statement presented to Parliament by the Finance Minister, organised by the Department of Data Science and Economic policy of the University of Cape Coast, Dr. Thompson noted that the country remains underdeveloped partly due to the disrespect and misuse of time.  

 “Among institutions of course is the issue of respect for time. I always complain about these things because they speak volumes about a society and its people and whether or not they are serious about development. We’ve just lost 20 minutes of our lives here on earth. We are just sitting around doing nothing. Your colleagues elsewhere were doing something, inventing, discovering things and we sat on our back sides doing nothing and it happens on a daily bases, yearly bases and it goes on and on and on. So part of the reasons why we are not developed as a people is that we simply don’t have respect for time.

Speaking on the theme “Dissecting the 2019 Budget Statement of the Republic of Ghana For Better Public Appreciation, Dr. Thompson also maintained that fluctuations in the growth rate of the economy currently being experienced is as a result of the lack of vision and effective strategy for proper planning and development.

According to him, these defects are reflected in the 2019 budget which he explains lacks coherence and internal consistencies.

He explained that successive governments have, over the years, been served by technocrats who lack innovative ways of analyzing policies hence the inconsistencies and fluctuations in the economic growth of the country.

To address the situation, Dr. Thompson advised that persons in managerial positions should develop a basic understanding of result-acquisition oriented mindset. This, he explains, will promote outputs from the various sectors of the economy.

He said, “We do not make any effort whatsoever to improve or increase productivity in the public sector. The people are just sitting there doing virtually nothing and yet every year the government begs… any government officer who is elected into government office, from the president on down must have a basic understanding of result based management and that makes a critical distinction between efforts and results because currently everything is focused on efforts”.



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