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Eat Local Ghanaian Food Varieties to Stay Off Cardiovascular Diseases- Specialist Dietician Advises

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A specialist Dietician based in the United Kingdom, Mr. Douglas Twenefour has advised Ghanaians to make good use of the natural food varieties in the country since their nutritional value is good for human health.

He explained that reducing the risk of Cardio Vascular diseases require a quality of life that places much importance on the individual’s food intake.

Mr. Twenenfour gave the advice at a Public Lecture organized by the Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics under the School of Allied Health Sciences of the University of Cape Coast. It was on the Topic, Prevention and Management of Cardio vascular diseases: The important role of Diet and Lifestyle.

Mr. Twenefour noted that, in as much as the local food varieties may be good for the human body, the manner in which they are cooked can affect its nutritional potency and therefore called for safe and healthy cooking methods to preserve nutrients while cooking.

To be able to ensure the sustenance of quality of lives of individuals in Ghana, Mr. Twenefour said a lot needs to be done to create awareness and sensitize people to be vigilante of what they consume.

This he explained will require the intervention of different stakeholders of which government is key.

In an environment where the consumption of processed foods has become enormous due to its convenience, the dietician is calling for more effort to be geared towards ensuring healthy lifestyles to promote and improve the health of Ghanaians.


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