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Ghana must go beyond partisan politics and focus more on industrialization- Prof Victor Mensah-UCC

Prof John Victor Mensah

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A professor of Development Economics of the School of Development Studies of University of Cape Coast, Prof John Victor Mensah says Ghana needs to move beyond partisan politics and gear public funds towards industrialization.

According to him, industrialization contributes to growth, good governance and poverty reduction which are keys to positive transformation in a country.

Prof Victor Mensah made this known when he delivered his inaugural lecture on the topic: “Ghana’s Industrialization – Rhetoric or Reality?” on Wednesday.

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some family, friends and students of Prof John Victor Mensah who graced the occasion 

He indicated that currently, Ghana’s industrialization can be described as largely a rhetoric because most goals in that regard have not been achieved.

He attributes this to excessive trade liberalization, economic mismanagement and land disputes.

Prof. Victor Mensah notes partisan politics must cease and public funds must be used judiciously.

“There is the need to go beyond NPP, NDC partisan politics. Here it cuts across both parties. Recently we know that some projects were continued by the government and the minister was going to commission it but people chased the minister out. If you do things like this, how will the current government also pursue the others? I think that government project initiatives should not be seen as partisan politics. I think the two parties should consider us the public because it is not their money that is being used but our own money.”

Going forward, Prof Victor Mensah said pragmatic actions backed with action must be taken to make industrialization a reality in Ghana.

There is the need for update and clear industrial policies and strategies backed by actions. There is the need to establish large and medium scale enterprises with returns. There is the need also for sustainable communities. Our communities need to be capable, secured and competitive. Then finally the role of the university must also be encouraged. Since I am an academia, I will say that industrial research needs to be done based on multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach.”