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Police officers give 14-year-old pupil 19 lashes for being stubborn

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A 14-year-old pupil of the St. James Anglican Primary school in the Sefwi Akontombra District of the Western Region, has been left with bruises after he was allegedly lashed by some police officers.

The officers, according to reports, were acting on the instruction of the District Commander who was unimpressed with the pupil’s behavior.

The Commander ordered that he is lashed because he was caught fighting with another pupil after school hours.

The teenager was forced to take 19 lashes in his palm and his back as punishment for fighting.

His father, Enoch Tanoh told Joy News the Commander confirmed to him that he ordered the beating because his child was stubborn.

He said the boy was made to kneel before a table and his hands placed on them while he was being lashed.

Unable to bear the pain, he attempted to run away but one of the officers threw their boot at him, the frustrated father added.

The boy has been taken to the hospital and treated.

Police have declined comment on the issue.



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