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The deadly trek across the desert from sub-Saharan Africa through Libya and over sea to Italy leaves Africa with a huge responsibility of managing the situation. Sometimes for months on end, young African men and women risk everything including their lives to take on dangerous trips across dozens of boarders and the treacherous waves of the Mediterranean Sea in search of a better life in Europe.

Some die along the way, some turned back, and some who finish the journey realize that life may not be easier across the frontiers.

Kojo Dei of the ATL FM Newsroom in the ensuing report throws more on the trend of migration and it possible effect on the continent.

The Chef Executive Officer of the Cape Coast Teaching Hospital (CCTH), Dr. Daniel Asare is assuring patients who visit the facility that their records are safer and more secure with the hospital’s transformation of service delivery recordings from manual to electronic.

Dr. Asare tells ATL FM News, professionals at the facility are strictly complying with the Data Protection Legislation in order not to compromise their code of ethics.

The Cape Coast Teaching Hospital, from the beginning of this year, took the giant step as the first public teaching hospital to implement the Electronic Health Record System in Ghana.

A Professor of food science at the Department of Vocational and Technical Education [VOTEC] of the University of Cape Coast [UCC] Sarah Darkwa is calling on the general public to place utmost priority on their food choice since that can benefit or harm them.

Professor Darkwa says Ghanaians should consider going back to indigenous foods and condiment because they contain better nutritional values than most of the foreign and other packaged food products.

She added that there are some nutrients which are contained in artificial condiments which if not avoided or taken in minute quantities may put individual health at a high risk of a system failure.

The use of marijuana is rising among students in Ghana. The country’s position on global ranking in the consumption of weed is 3rd, with about 21.5% of citizens aged between 15 and 64 heavily involved in the use of marijuana, making Ghana the 1st and largest African country where Cannabis, popularly known as India Hemp, is largely used.

The most abused drug globally is marijuana with estimated users of about 140 million people under the age of 30 years.

The use of the substance is highest in the three regions in the North of Ghana and appears to be increasing in the Upper East Region.