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A senior lecturer with the Department of Population and Health of University of Cape Coast, Dr. Eugene Dartey has said Ghana does not have population challenges as being suggested by the National Population Council.

According to him, a lot needs to be invested in the population structure to make it useful.

The Dean of Students of University of Cape Coast, Professor Koawo Edjah has advised fresh students of the University to be concerned with each other’s welfare by taking advantage of a provision known as the “Distressed Students Reporting Protocol” to report suspected ill behaviour of their colleagues for action to be taken.

Addressing the fresh students for the 2017/2018 academic year at an orientation programme on Monday, Professor Edjah said although the students were from various backgrounds they were expected to behave in a civilised manner on the University campus.

The Head of Electricity Section of University of Cape Coast, Joseph Wilberforce Ansah has hinted that the university can cut down the alarming increase of electricity costs through a conscious effort by students to conserve power.

Speaking at an orientation for fresh students enrolled unto various programmes of the university for the 2017/2018 academic year, Mr. Ansah indicated that the total electricity consumption of the university for 2016 was GHS 8,522, 171.39. Currently, he noted that the debt of the university stands at over GHS 17 billion.

The University of Cape Coast is in E.C.G’s category of Special Load Tariff and therefore has its own control system. Mr. Wilberforce Ansah said the arrangement benefits the University, however, it confers the responsibility of saving power because it also implies that all the power including wastage is quantified and paid for.