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Fitness model who almost died trying to get fake butt has advice for women

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An American fitness model who resorted to silicon injection to enhance the size of her buttocks out of desire for the curvy shapes of other women is advising fellow women to stay natural, after she has found herself in a life threatening condition.
Jenelle Salazar Butler popularly known as “Get Bodied By J” had to save her life after the shape she had acquired artificially became a burden threatening her survival.

When she visited the hospital for the corrective surgery, doctors were compelled to cut the silicone out of her muscles. What she is praying against fervently now is a possible necrotic infection.

Two days after the corrective surgery, Getbodiedbyj shared photos of her fake body and her post-corrective surgery one on social media to advise other women to stay away from the dangerous trend.

 She captioned the photos:

“If you’re new to my journey & just don’t know what’s going on, this was 2 days after removal of silicone injections & Doc attempt to do reconstruction at same time, I was in surgery for over 6 hours & lost massive amounts of blood & had to get 3 blood transfusions.

“If you look at the Red/purple area that’s forming in the Center of my Butt That’s where necrosis developed due to LACK of BLOOD FLOW. I did NOT have necrosis or life-threatening issues prior to removal. Necrosis was then removed on 1/31. ?I received (butt shots/hydrogel injections) back 2010 after experiencing PPD & making a mistake I’ll later came to regret & sought to correct.

“From this day forward I experienced EVERY single complication that could happen along with nearly dying after surgery. My Hemoglobin was below 5?? Thank you @murrrogers for being with me.”


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