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Afia Schwarzenegger says Delay forced her to dump white boyfriend

Afia Schwarzenegger says Delay forced her to dump white boyfriend

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TV personality Afia Schwarzenegger and her former best friend, Deloris Frimpong-Manso's (Delay) feud is far from over.

The popular Ghanaian comedienne and TV host Afia's recent revelation on Mzbel’s Facebook live points to more bitterness between them.

The 'Political Police' host, Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa, has disclosed that her onetime best friend, Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay, influenced her to break up with her white boyfriend.

In a Facebook Live video, she disclosed to Mzbel that before she became Afia Schwarzenegger she was dating a white man from Australia.

Afia Schwarzenger and Delay

According to Afia, Delay told her if she comes on TV and is seen dating a white man, people will say she is a prostitute, so she should break up with him.

“I went with Delay, by then the white man was working in Australia, but we met in South Africa, and I came to Ghana with him. so I went to his house with Delay to break up with him.” She said.

“I said: ‘Bruce I don’t want to be with you again, I have chosen my career over you and I want to focus on it, I want to be a star, so, I don’t want to be with you’, and in shock he asked: ‘What has fame got to do with dating’?”Afia narrated.

Afia Schwarzenger and Delay

“He nearly cried, but I told him, ‘you can’t pretend to be crying, you can’t blackmail me’, and Delay advised that we walk out on him and bang the door behind us.”Afia continued.

Afia indicated she later found out Delay was chasing a half-cast shortly after Delay had influenced her Afia to dump his white boyfriend, Bruce Which she added made her regret her actions.

“Delay had a boyfriend called Kobby, but the next day we were going to Kumasi and I caught her proposing to this half-cast boy called George, he’s not even half-cast, he’s ‘quarter cast’.proposing to ‘quarter-cast’.They even had sex that same day.” She stated.

Afia Schwarzenegger said she will never forgive Delay for that and if Delay ever comes out to deny she is ready to invoke curses on her.

Source: pulse