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Massive Throwback: 6 most memorable Nigerian movies Ghanaians loved

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The Nigerian movie industry had a great influence on movie lovers in Ghana in the late nineties and early 2000's.

They told the African story in the most revealing and interesting way. Family moments got better with these movies. It was always a pleasure to watch Nigerian movies with our favorite movie stars showcase their talents and acting skills and brought life to these stories.

We also can't deny the fact that these movies inspired the Ghanaian movie industry to do more and go lenghths.

Pulse.com.gh brings to you the top five Nigerian movies that have secured a place in our hearts.

1.Diamond Ring


I bet you just remembered the chills down your spine in watching this unforgettable horror movie. A movie that was centered around the ghost of a dead woman, Gladys, which was played by veteran Nigerian actress, Liz Benson. Her tomb was raided by some boys who stole the ring she was buried with.

This was the most iconic of them all for those born before late 90’s. Veteran actors like Richard Mofe Damijo and Award-winning comedian, Teju Babyface were also featured in the movie.

2. Karishika


“Karishika karishika! Queen of Darkness, Lucifer Lucifer King of Demons?” Every true Nollywood fan would remember this popular chant from movie. This Nollywood classic, the movie was released 20 years ago.The movie starred Bob Manuel Udokwo, Becky Okorie, Sandra Achums, Obi Mmadubugo, Amaechi Muonagor, Sunny Mc-Don, Adaora Ukoh, Ifeanyi Ikpoenyi, Andy Chukwu, Steve Eboh among others.

3. Egg of life


Tell me you didn't cry when the seven virgins were sent into the evil forest met their unexpected death with the exception of one. The sorrowful dirge scored with each demise was saddening.

From Pete Edochie who played the King to Clarion Chukwura-Abiola who played the priestess, it couldn’t have been any better. This to me was the movie with the most intense plots ever at that time.

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4. Last Burial


Who ever came up with this fictional story really had us amazed. This movie aside its hair-raising times it gave all of us had tons of lessons in it. It clearly drew the lines between religion and beliefs.

It was mainly about a man that met his untimely death and was set to be buried by his family until his commitment to some secret society also popped up.

From Clem Ohameze, who played the ‘’the seated dead corpse’ whose back couldn’t be pushed to the coffin, Sam Dede, Eucheria Anonobi and all the other cast that stunned us with their great acting.

5. Billionaires Club


This movie entirely inspired tons of movies to pick up on the existence of occult groups in the society and revealed their operations. I call it an “eye opener”.

It portrayed the inhuman activities of people selling their loved ones for easy money popularly called 'juju' in our local dialect.

Billionaires Club was centered around the activities of a secret brotherhood that sorted to killing others for rituals to attain wealth. It had great cast as well. Pete Edochie, Kanayo Kanayo, Clem Ohamaze and much more.

6. Sharon Stone


At this point, we had enough spirituality in our movies already and needed something more thrilling and sensational. Then voilà, we were blessed with this feature.

Sharon Stone was played by Genevive Nnaiji, a hot character that had the opposite sex tripping on her. Genevieve executed her role that much and we all fell in love with her character.

We might as well think that this movie was what set her career on solid rocks.

 Source: pulse.com.gh

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