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KKD weighs in on Moesha Boduong's controversial CNN interview

KKD weighs in on Moesha Boduong's controversial CNN interview

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Ace Broadcaster Kwasi Kyei Darkwah known publicly as (KKD) has advised husbands to concentrate on their families and stop providing for ‘side chicks’.

Defending actress Moesha Boduong flayed for her controversial interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, KKD thinks that husbands, not young ladies (side chicks), needs advice.

Social media went crazy with comments and debates when Moesha in the CNN interview said that the bad economy of Ghana compelled women including herself to date financially successful married men. According to her, she depends on her sugar daddy for rent and her personal upkeep.

KKD is the latest to throw his weight behind the actress describing her as honest. He told Joy Prime’s at the just ended Ghana Music Awards that, “I personally like Moesha. I like her because she is honest.”

Insisting Moesha did not make any generalisation as she has been accused of, KKD said in any case, the views were representative of the real situation here in Ghana.

Moesha Buduong
“I don’t remember her saying she was talking for Ghana, but the truth is, a good number of people are doing what she talked about,” he said.

He further added that “one day some side chick might give you a disease, and you take it home to your wife. What happens then?”

He went ahead to write on his instangram page defending her.

Don't blame it all on the woman. It is only the sad truth about where we are heading with the concept of marriage & family in West Africa & probably other like parts of the world & the state of all who are selling or buying sex or affection. The pressure on the poor of mind that leads them to live way beyond their means is just too much. The sex trade is alive & ugly but beautiful to the gullible, especially on social media. It funds the life, housing, schooling & 'slay' of many & serves as entertainment for bored & bad husbands. The flesh that is offered in exchange for cash is as disposable as used tissue paper but the paper the flesh collects pays for an otherwise unattainable lifestyle. Many cannot accept that they too have done same or worse at some point in time when they took their eyes off the ball or lost their sense of self-worth & dignity. And it is on both sides: the lazy, unscrupulous daughters of the poor, or in some cases middle class, who trade their flesh, and the cash-rich, unscrupulous sons of the rich, or sometimes even poorer, who buy. It is no more than an exchange of bodily fluids, illusions of love, & disease, for cash & favours and a life of ease. No pretense. No love. Just fakery for your cash. To quote a rather harsh West African acquaintance, "these girls na gutter wey robbers dey piss inside." The married men funding laziness and prostitution are as guilty as the female hustlers making mincemeat of their dignity, upbringing, education and other women's marriages. No one can buy what is not for sale. But so too no one will keep on painting & journeying to sell what no one buys. Until men, the eager customers, end up infecting themselves and their good wives with STDs/ HIV, we will laugh about our gullibility and, sadly, irresponsibility and disrespect for our devoted families over drinks. Change cometh. Spend thy hard-earned money on thy relatives and the needy to prevent them from doing same as the whores who deceive to receive. Sadly some people never change. But some will when customers run out. #wisdom #truth #dignity #life #Ghana #CNN #Africa #love #marriage #kkdwisewords #pray #truth #blessed #thankful

The broadcaster nevertheless advised young ladies to live within their means and also encouraged the society to deal with the problems of inequality.

Source: pulse

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