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Ebony’s Death Was ‘Prophesied’ By A Pastor In September 2017

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As we all know, the number one love of Ghanaians is anything to do with religion and superstition, we can never get enough of that.

And whenever a public figure dies, preachers and so-called ‘Men of God’ line up to show everyone they prophesied it before everyone else did.

Already, one person has dug out his ‘prophecy’ from last year and now another one involving a pastor has come out.

Pastor Agyei Fredua Agyeman warned that the singer has no future in Ghanaian music.

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“Ebony Reigns has no future in the music industry.God will soon strike her down!” he wrote

After she died, the pastor dug up the post and reposted it on his timeline, to show he really prophesied the death of this young lady.

Our very own T.B Joshua, taking joy in the deaths of others.

Check out his post below…



Source: ghanacelebrity.com