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Big men are luring SHS boys into bed - Bibi Bright

Bibi Bright

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Actress and producer, Bibi Bright has attributed the growing number of gays in Ghana to rich men using money to lure senior high school boys to bed.

She said some pubs in Accra have become a hub hangouts full of gay men using the places with the intention of turning young boys to gays.

The actress who has been appointed Secretary for the Creative Arts Council on her official Facebook page described the situation as sad and made a plea to churches to rise up and do something about it.


Actress and producer, Bibi Bright

Read below her Facebook post:

"Gone were the days that you will see a strong black man and be like damn that a real man there, today you see them and they turn out to be gay. Women are turning into fathers because the men stopped been responsible and father figures. It’s really sad how the ‘black king’ is now some other man’s sexual fantasy down in Osu, Adabraka, Labadi bent over with another man sticking inside him. What kills me is when you find out that there are high men in society who are using money and material gifts to lure in boys as young as SHS levels into their beds.

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"A man goes for a job interview and his future depends on him sleeping with his fellow man before he gets the job. Ghana must rise up cos our MEN are turning gay and it’s sickening! Pastors need to preach more about such issues rather than tithing and giving to church," she said on Facebook.

Source: Pulse Ghana