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Poor economy has affected the Ghanaian movie industry - Kofi Adjorlolo

Kofi Adjorlolo

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Actor Kofi Adjorlolo says Ghana's flailing movie industry has taken a hit over the past couple of years because of the poor state of the national economy.

Adjorlolo told the Graphic Online in an interview Wednesday about his hopes that the poor economic fortunes of the country would be reversed in order to help revive the movie industry.


He attributed the low patronage of Ghanaian movies to economic hardship which prevents Ghanaians from spending their disposable incomes on cinema as well dvd's.

"If the economy is robust and booming, that is when you have people buying movies and getting interested in watching movies. But there have been some challenges and these challenges are setting us back".

"We have always spoken about this and that is why we actually have the Creative Arts Bill which has been passed through Parliament and is waiting for Executive approval so it is a very good idea. Inclusive of that bill is government support for the movie industry development.

"I think presently, the government that we have will be more concerned to help our industry move in that direction. I hope they will put quite an amount of money to fund creative arts in tomorrow's budget."

He added that the movie industry has also suffered because of challenges such as the lack of infrastructure as well as the poor quality of directors.

"We have producers and some directors who haven't learn the job very well and sometimes when you are working with them you see that they need to get more skilled. There are very young directors in the system and I will advice them to get more skilled because at times you watch movies and you don't feel it, am i lying?".

Source: Graphic

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