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Peter of P Square incurs wrath of Ghanaians for teasing Akrobeto’s 'big' nose

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Well, what seems to be a joke turned out to earn Peter of Psquare fame some criticisms from his followers on Instagram.

The Nigerian Musician shared a photo of Ghana’s biggest actor, Akrobeto with the actor’s matra “who Nose tomorrow” as a caption.

The photo was, however, edited to suit his purpose of trolling the actor.

But some followers of the artiste could not fathom why a person of his calibre will do such a thing and therefore criticized him for doing that.

mohammedshamauU re not serious in lif @ peterpsquare. Which kind joke b that?

mohammedshamauNo malice intended thou but u delete am

mensah4110This man u teasing is a ghanian local actor.he is also a perfect gentleman more than u are. That’s just for the records

larry_arthurNjb. Massa ma wani nda ho na gyae jimii nu. Swine.

spanish_boga@snd_international if it is your father you will be happy sorry to ask

safeproperties Pull this down

myonedaylife@_tommy.rep.gh that’s great but making fun of that is old now and not good though

gh.melonzyFoolish goat .who told u this is hw his nose is?See his mouth kwasia kwa

jux_call_me_jb@mildred_asante we do laugh at him but don’t post or enlarge his nose like peter has done. Stop disgracing urself before d nigerians. SHAME

gh.melonzyNigerians pls learn sense small ahh!!!

jux_call_me_jb@afia_oheneba_phyllisinstead of he @peterpsquare should think of how to resolve issues with his blood brother he is here mocking someone as if d person created himself. I’m not surprised u behaving this way. If u can fight ur “twin brother” in public, what else can’t u do?.

ekobabyluizEven with the nose he still look good, I don’t know why u young people do not have respect for elders

boatengnoel1Am really disappointed, Pls respect ur elders .

ps ig


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