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There’s always that girl you wish had never left your life and for American singer and dancer Chris Brown, that could be Rihanna.

Years after the two broke up, Chris Brown is still not over Rihanna as he left an interesting emoji on Rihanna’s new pictures on Instagram.

Well, Chris seem be missing Rihanna and the only way to make it possible at the moment is to leave comments on her images on Instagram.

Check out his latest eye popping emoji used on a Rihanna post.


chriss brown

Source: nydjlive.com

The actor, who was a guest on Tuesday night's "Late Show," confirmed to host Stephen Colbert that he will return to the role as the super spy in the upcoming, and yet untitled, 25th Bond film.

"Now, you've been reported to play the role of James Bond again," Colbert said to Craig, who said he has been pretty coy about if he would return. "We could use some good news here. Daniel Craig, will you return as James Bond?"

Vicky Zugah

About two months ago, Radio and TV show host, Deloris Frimpong Manso, known in showbiz as Delay accused actress Vicky Zugah of dishonesty and called her a pathological liar on her television show, The Delay Show.

The act did not go down well with the actress and the Internet did not let it rest as well. Vicky Zugah has vouched not to go on The Delay Show again.

“I will never go on that show again, not even for anything in this world. You know that lady sometimes forgets that the people she interviews are human, they have feelings and their image is important.”

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