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Dorcas Davies aka Dede Davies

ATL FM's Dorcas Davies known in showbiz as Dede Davies is contesting in the 2017 edition of Miss Tourism Ghana. The pageant is organized each year to select an ambassador for Ghana's tourism.

Miss Tourism Ghana Pageant is focused on promoting the majestic tourism paradise Ghana has. This is achieved by creating awareness about Ghana's tourism potential in order to get the inclusiveness of all.

Dede Davies is competing with twenty-four [24] other participants.

Inspite of the concerns expressed at the seemingly low publicity of this year’s Pan-African Historical Festival (PANAFEST), Executive Secretary of the PANAFEST Foundation, Mr Rabbi Kohain believes it is going to be better than most years.

This is because the Foundation has put certain things in place to ensure that this year’s PANAFEST becomes a success story.

In an interview with Showbiz last Tuesday, Mr Kohain said “this year, we brought Media Majique on board as partners and they have helped to raise funds so I believe this year’s is going to be better than most years.”

The chairman of the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO), Rex Omar, has explained that churches would be required to pay royalties on music they use for events and concerts they organise and not for what they use for their praises and worship in church.

The GHAMRO chairman said in an interview with Showbiz that there have been some misconceptions since his outfit made statements about churches and royalties and it was necessary to clear the air on the issue.

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