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C/R Responds Positively to Yellow Fever Vaccination

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Head of the Central Regional Disease Control unit, Mr. Charles Kofi Eshun has expressed pleasure at the response of residents in the region towards the just ended Yellow Fever Vaccination Exercise.

The exercise which begun last Wednesday, November 28 ended on Tuesday December 4, 2018, aimed at giving coverage to residents against Yellow Fever which has been described as prevalent in selected parts of the country.

Five districts in the region including Ajumako Eyan Esiam, Cape Coast, Assin North, Abura Aseibu Kwamankese and Effutu were the beneficiaries of the exercise.

The exercise targeted children and adults from the age of ten to sixty years and is believed to give cover for ten years.

Mr. Charles Eshun speaking on the success of the Yellow Fever exercise told ATL FM News the yellow fever campaign has been very successful in the region with the five participating districts recording very impressive coverage.

He said Cape Coast and Effutu recorded coverages above100%. Though this is a rare occurrence, he attributed it to the existence of tertiary institutions and a number of schools within these areas.

“Ajumako Enyan Esiam and Abura Aseibu Kwamankese have also crossed the 90% coverage and have also fared well under this campaign”, he said.

He indicated that it is just Assin North which has not been able to attain the 95% coverage envisaged.

He advised that though the vaccinations have been given, people need to keep their surroundings tidy and adopt practices that will prevent the disease.

According To the WHO, Yellow fever is an acute viral haemorrhagic disease transmitted by infected mosquitoes. The "yellow" in the name refers to the jaundice that affects some patients.

Yellow fever is prevented by an extremely effective vaccine which is safe and affordable. A single dose of yellow fever vaccine is sufficient to confer sustained immunity and life-long protection against yellow fever disease. A booster dose of the vaccine is not needed. The vaccine provides effective immunity within 10 days for 80-100% of people vaccinated, and within 30 days for more than 99% of people vaccinated.




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