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Cape Coast Bulb Factory Robbed A Second Time Under Two Months Of Operation

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The Cape Coast Bulb Factory, Solid Home Appliances Limited, has suffered its second robbery a little under two months since the factory begun operation.

In the first attack, equipment used for the production of the bulbs as well as a computer all worth about USD 5,000 were stolen.

In the latest, robbers have stolen electricity cables that give electric power to the factory. The theft of the cables which happened on Sunday has caused work at the factory to halt since Monday.

The CEO of the factory Rev. Arthur Wonder narrating the development to ATL FM News said he travelled to Accra on Saturday to purchase materials for the factory and returned on Sunday morning. He added his first point was the factory since he had to offload the materials. Rev. Wonder said there was light at the factory.

On Monday morning however, he reported to work with his staff for normal schedules to begin only to realise there was no power. He said his initial impression was a power outage but realised later that other shops and homes within the vicinity had light except the factory.

This caused him to contact the ECG in Cape Coast who drew his attention to a possible theft of his electricity to the area had not been cut by the company.

Rev. Wonder said it was at that point he realised that the copper cables that transmits power to the factory had been cut and taken away.

Rev. Wonder suspects a possible attempt to frustrate him in order to close the factory considering the pace at which the factory is being subjected to robberies.
He believes because he produces LED bulbs which are the preferred by customers due to their energy saving nature, producers and retailers of other non-LED bulbs could be behind the thefts.

The CEO indicated that plans are underway to ensure security is boosted at the factory area.


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