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Speaking to the media, Mr Appiah Mensah urged land owners not to be money oriented in their sale of lands.

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The Central Regional NADMO Director, Mr. James Appiah Mensah has called on land owners to avoid selling lands located at flood prone areas to citizens. He said this will help save the lives.

Mr. James Appiah Mensah shared these while examining some buildings sited very close to waterlogged areas at Apewosika, a suburb of Cape Coast.

The area has proved to be one of the flood prone areas within the metropolis, the reason for which this year’s World Disaster Day Celebration in Cape Coast was held there to ascertain the causes and educate them on disaster management and prevention.

Speaking to the media, Mr Appiah Mensah urged land owners not to be money oriented in their sale of lands.

“I have been talking about Ghanaian mentality; small rainfall and some places will be flooded but they bought the land from land owners... When it is dry season, nobody cares but as soon as it begins to rain then they will call on the government to come and support them. Land owners should consider lives before selling lands out because it is not about the money but it is about the lives that may be lost. Therefore we have to protect lives.”

Mr. Appiah Mensah explained when NADMO is given the nod to be included in policy implementation of the siting of buildings in the region, such practices will stop.

“… When the lawmakers make it a prerogative for NADMO to make sure buildings are not cited in wrong places, we have our men in the zones; they will just tell us somebody is building here, we go and warn the person, we may even pull it down before the person comes”.

Sharing his view on the situation, the Environmental Health Officer of CCMA, Mr. Iddrisu Shanni explained the positioning of structures in flood prone areas is not appropriate and must not be allowed to continue.


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