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“Social studies; key to national unity and development” – Prof. K. Boadu

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Promoting national integration and nation building is hinged on the effective teaching of Social Studies since the subject is the most appropriate tool in advancing development in unity. This is according to Prof Kankam Boadu, a Professor of Social Studies at the University of Cape Coast.

He indicates the objective of social studies is citizenship education which inculcates values which shape individuals to be better citizens.

According to him, the role of social studies education cannot be underestimated because it provides relevant information and knowledge which aid students to grow as active, responsible and reflective members of society.

Prof Kankam Boadu was speaking at his inaugural lecture which was on the theme: “Teach the Untaught: Perspectives of Social Studies Education in Ghana” on Wednesday.


According to him, Social studies is an integrated area of study that draws subject matter from various disciplines and promotes civic competence. He said Social Studies offers change needed for persons to appreciate culture and civic issues.

 “If you want to change people to appreciate culture and civic issues then social studies cannot be over emphasized. As a program, social studies brings ideas, generalization, theories and principles from the social sciences and other related disciplines with the view of solving problems and or describing phenomena; that is the beauty of social studies”.

Prof Kankam Boadu advised against replacing the subject with any other.

 “The idea of replacement is creating unnecessary panic, fear and frustration amongst many professional teachers and students whose economic livelihood and academic identification depends on social studies. Social studies has come to stay because it has become an integral part of Ghana and cannot be replaced with anything. What has social studies failed to do in terms of achieving developmental goals in this country for it to be replaced by another subject? The untaught must be taught the duty of social studies.”


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