Residents of Gomoa Asempayin protest disconnection by ECG

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Some residents of Gomoa Asempayin in the Gomoa West District of the Central Region are protesting the disconnection of electric power to parts of the town by the Electricity Company of Ghana.

The ECG is alleged to have disconnected close to 95% of houses in the area from the national grid due to their inability to pay bills.

A member of the aggrieved residents, Mr. Kwesi Ahura explaining their plight to ATL FM News said, some houses in the area with electricity for the past seven to eight years have never paid any bill. He said the town realized the error and asked the ECG to provide them with the bill only for the residents to be slapped with huge amounts ranging from 4,500 to7, 000 Ghana Cedis.

“Where do you expect a person in the village to get such monies from with the short time you have given us?” Mr. Ahura asked.

He said residents of the town are not against paying their debts but the amounts are just too much.

“A person uses a bulb and radio and you bring him an amount of 4,500 Ghana Cedis, how do you expect him to pay? They are just farmers not business men and  they have gone on to remove the meter which serves the whole town”, he lamented.

Responding to this issue, the District Manager of ECG at Ajumako, Mr. Robert Amoh confirmed that some disconnections had been made but added many of the complaints by the residents were mere fabrications.

He explained a flexible payment plan has been arranged with the indebted residents yet they have refused to honour it.

Mr. Amoh called on the aggrieved residents to, as a matter of urgency, visit the ECG office to make the necessary arrangements for payments or risk having ECG initiate its next line of action.


By: Aba Aikins/ATL FM News