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C/R Rent Control Officer Encourages Tenants To Report Landlords Who Take Over Six Months Rent Advance

C/R Rent Control Officer Encourages Tenants To Report Landlords Who Take Over Six Months Rent Advance

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Central Regional rent control officer, Alex Ebow Doughan, is advising tenants to report landlords, who charge more than six months’ rent advance to his outfit.

He says per the rent control act, landlords who charge more than 6 months should be prosecuted.

Mr. Alex Ebow Doughan indicates when tenants refuse to report such instances, the rent control office finds it difficult to correct and prevent such practices.

Speaking on ATL FM on Tuesday he said, “Honestly, you know landlords and tenants do their transactions at home, they don’t normally come to the rent control. So it is when something happens and they come to Rent Control that we realize the landlord has taken more than six months or two years there about. Honestly because they do it behind us, it is not easy to control it”.

Mr. Doughan’s comments were in reaction to a directive by the Honourable Minister for Works and Housing, Samuel Atta Akyea for tenants to “report landlords who demand more than one year rent advance”.

Mr. Doughan says there is a bill in the offing which when passed into law, would permit landlords to charge a year rent advance.

The 1963 Rent Act stipulates that landlords are permitted to take six months’ rent advance, however this has been disregarded by many landlords across the country.

At the moment, Mr. Douglas says, the Act is being reviewed and when passed it will permit landlords to take a year rent advance.

He advised the public to seek the necessary advice from his outfit when in need of such.

“People should fall on us if they have any problem or if there are things they don’t understand so that we can give them education for them to also have their peace in their homes.”



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