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DCE of Twifo Hemang Lower Denkyira District refutes claims of corruption at the assembly

Emmanuel Kojo Nannah

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Some individuals in the Twifo Hemang Lower Denkyira District of the Central Region who call themselves “Patriotic Ghanaians” are calling for the removal of their District Chief Executive, Mr. Emmanuel Kojo Nannah, whom they claim has no hold over affairs at the assembly.

The group alleges that corrupt acts are common at the assembly. The claim some staff of the assembly designate contracts among themselves and make payments, particularly, to the district engineer in the name of the Assembly’s Works Department.

Again, they claim the absence of the District Chief Executive (DCE) due to ill health has led to poor attitude towards work and disregard for regulations within the assembly.

They allege the DCE hardly makes it to assembly meetings, and has never reported to work since he got ill in 2017.

Mr. Emmanuel Kojo Nannah, the DCE in question, tells ATL FM News the assembly is in safe hands without any acts of corruption as being alleged. He says the Member of Parliament for Hemang Lower Denkyira, Mr. Bright Wereko Brobbey is behind these allegations.

There is no problem at the assembly but there are some people who want to create problem for us and for themselves. Anybody can come and verify. There is no problem and there are no financial malpractices. Even this matter has gone before the regional minister because it was the MP who just sent some allegations to the regional minister.

On his accusation of the MP as the brain behind the actions of the Patriotic Ghanaians, Mr. Nana said he was certain without any doubt that Mr. Wereko-Brobbey is the chief plotter.

I am very sure because he sent this matter to the regional minister and the regional minister called the coordinating director, the engineer and he called the MP too but he could not prove anything that he was alleging. The matter was also sent to the regional party executives and there too I was there myself and he could not prove anything so we thought the matter had gone to rest only for it to re-surface”.

Mr. Nana also indicated he has not been in good shape for sometime but that has not prevented him from fulfilling his duties.

I suffered a mild stroke in October 2017 and by the end of October, I was well again to resume work only that I wasn’t perfectly in good shape but I was doing everything that was required of me by law until now. As I speak with you am in the office at the Hemang district assembly doing my work”.

 When ATL FM News contacted the MP, Mr. Bright Wereko-Brobbey he declined to speak to the matter. He however sent a response by text to the team.

“These matters have been going on for some time now but has been off the radar too for quite some time.

I'm worried that anytime issues of such nature arise, people are quick to point fingers at the MP as if these Assembly Members are "senseless". I'm sorry but it's becoming too much for me when I have to be drawn into this at all times”


Source: ATL FM News

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