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Specialist in marine ecology calls for self-monitoring among fishers

Prof. Kobina Yankson

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A Professor at the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences and a former Pro Vice Chancellor of University of Cape Coast, Prof. Kobina Yankson is calling for self-monitoring among fishers if salvaging Ghana’s marine resource is to be realised.


In an interview with ATL FM News, Prof Yankson said danger looms if drastic practical measures are not adopted to save small pelagic fishes in Ghana’s marine space.

He said projections scientific studies have made show Ghana’s small pelagic fisheries which constitute about 70% of marine fisheries are at the verge being lost.

“The projection is that by 2020 if we haven’t done anything about it we will get to the point of no return. We will lose 70% of our marine resource.  Small pelagic fisheries will collapse and when it collapses, no matter what we do, it will not revive and that is my worry”.

Prof. Yankson’s comments were in relation to the postponement of the closed season to next year. Cabinet last Friday suspended the proposed closed season which would have taken effect from Tuesday August 7 to September 4, 2018 will now be implemented in 2019.

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Prof. Yankson says with the postponement of the closed season to next year, the fishers must do self-monitoring to save Ghana’s fast depleting marine resource. “The fisher folks have to play their role. The illegal fishing, they should stop it. They shouldn’t wait for military people or navy to come and force them to stop it because they claim it’s their livelihood and if it is your livelihood you do not spoil your own livelihood so they should play a role, they should do self-monitoring.  Those who are undermining their livelihood they should stop it”. 

He said having been sensitized well enough on the closed season, fishers must prepare for its implementation next year and stop all illegal, unregulated, unreported. “They should stop all those things that will help, to some extent, so that when the close season comes in next year things may improve”.


Source: ATL FM News

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