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As part of orientation for UCC fresh students, the Centre for Gender Research Advocacy and Documentation (CEGRAD) together with the office of the Dean of Students has organized a relationship health workshop.

The Deputy Minister of Education in charge of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and MP for Cape Coast North Constituency, Babara Asher Ayisi has launched an interest free loan scheme for women in Cape Coast in the Central Region.

The loan scheme known as “the Barbara Asher Loan Scheme” forms part of the Deputy Minister’s initiatives to empower women especially those in the Cape Coast North Constituency through financial assistance.

The loan scheme was announced by the MP at the 2018 Cape Coast Women’s Day held at Abura, in the Cape Coast North Constituency.
Under the loan scheme, women would be given between GHS 500.00 to GHS 2,000.00 interest-free loans every year. However, each beneficiary of the loan has between six and eighteen months to pay back the loan.

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